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What Brands of Ear Tags Do You Sell?

We are happy to provide our customers with the best brands of ear tags including:

What Animals Are Your Ear Tags Suitable For?

We stock both visual management tags and NLIS tags for the following breeds:

Should you need tags for any other animal or purpose & you are unsure of what to order, please contact our friendly team & they will be able to assist you.

Online Ordering

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Be Delivered?
Will I Be Able to See My Tags Before I Order?
What Is Your Shipping Policy for Ear Tags and Applicators?
What Should I Do if I Have Additional Questions or Need Assistance?
If I Make an Error While Designing My Tags, Do You Fix It?
What if I Place My Order and Then Realise I Have Made a Mistake?
What Is Your Return Policy for Ear Tags and Applicators?

Tag Customisation

Can I Just Print Numbers on My Tags?
Can I Have a Different Coloured Female Tag to the Male Tag?
Is It Possible To Put Custom Logos on My Tags?
Can I Print on the Back of the Tags?
Do You Offer Customisation Options for Ear Tags?

General Tag Information

What Are RFIDs and NLISIDs?
How Do I Scan Tags?
Are There Different Types of Ear Tags Available?
How Do I Choose the Right Ear Tags for My Livestock?
Are All Tag Applicators Compatible With Any Brand of Tags in the Market?
Are Ear Tags Safe for Livestock?
Can I Track My Livestock Using Ear Tags?
Can Ear Tags Be Reused?
What Should I Do if an Ear Tag Becomes Lost or Damaged?
Are There Regulations Regarding Ear Tags for Livestock?
Are There Different Colours Available for Ear Tags?

NLIS Information

What Is the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)?
How Does the NLIS Work?
What Do I Need for the NLIS?
Do Hobby Farmers Need To Register for NLIS?
What Is a Property Identification Code (PIC)?
How Do I Obtain a PIC?
What Is a National Vendor Declaration (NVD)?
How Do I Keep Good Records for LPA?
When Should I Contact My State or Territory Authority About NLIS?

Tagging Livestock

How Do I Correctly Tag My Livestock?
Are All Tag Applicators Compatible With Any Brand of Tags in the Market?
How Do I Apply Ear Tags to My Livestock?
What Type of Ear Tag Applicator Do I Need?
How Do I Remove Ear Tags From Livestock?
Do You Offer Training or Resources on Ear Tag Application and Management?

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